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Types of tits, which are your favorites?

Behind the obscene: Types of tits, which are your favorites?

There are two types of men in the world, those who prefer tits and those who prefer asses. No joke, this week I read in a report that Europeans prefer tits to ass, however, in the United States, Africa and South America the opposite happens, prefer the ass to the tits.

Something similar happens in my house, my father is pro-tetas while my brother is pro-asses. The debates in my house are very interesting, I love to hear my father and brother talk about the parts of the woman's body and why they are so excited. I see that in my family, we carry sex in our genes.

Today I want to talk about the woman's breasts, also known as breasts, swallows, mamellas, lolas, balloons, melons, coconuts, boobies, pears ... When I'm in the gym, apart from observing the pussy of my companions , I also fixed on her breasts. After a great and thorough analysis I can tell you that there are different types of tits.

Types of tits

We can divide the woman's breasts into two blocks, according to their size and shape. First of all I want to tell you that regardless of the shape and size, all the tits are beautiful, and that there are no perfect tits. For tastes, colors.

A) Tits according to size
big tits

Big tits
The big breasts are the ones that make the most men more horny. I do not say it, the studies say. Did you know that Nordic women are the ones with the biggest tits? In Colombia and Venezuela, girls with great attributes also predominate. As a friend of mine says, tits start to look great when you can not get them right with just one hand. Men say that it is very difficult to hold the look to a cleavage of big tits. The saying goes, "they pull more two tits than two carts". What do you say?

small tits

Small tits
Small breasts also have their public, studies say that the rich prefer them small while the lower-middle class prefer them big. What kind of studies are these? The women who have the smallest breasts are those from Asia and Africa. For example, the small tits of porn actress Riley Reid are among the most beloved adult movies.

B) Tits according to form
uneven tits

Unequal tits
The breasts are not the same size, usually one is usually larger than the other. I read that the right teat may be a little lower than the one on the left, well, just like the testicles. There is one that is lower than the other, right? At least it is the feeling that gives me to perform a blowjob .

surfer tits

Surfer tits
This type of tits are wider and more muscular. As they would say in my town, the "surfboard" breasts, flat but athletic.

seventies tits

Tits setenteras
They are a type of breasts that are in danger of extinction, they no longer look as much as before. This type of tits so famous during the 70s are usually natural and flared with a bit of fall. They have a thinner upper part and a more rounded lower part.

cross-eyed tits

Crossed tits
The two tits point to the outside. One nipple looks to the right and the other to the left. The nipple is like the icing on the cake, the sweetest part of sucking. Another day I will go deeper into the nipples.

tits yogis

Tits yogis
They are the breasts that hang down like the nipples, a type of tits that are relaxed. The tits fall as vulgarly said.

pornstar tits

Pornstar tits
Normally this type of tits are usually large, round and totally circular. It would be the perfect chest, since it is usually provided. It would be the kind of tits we usually see in porn movies, the vast majority operated like those of Mia Khalifa.

curious tits

Curious tits
They are the breasts that are more separated toward the outside, those that have a great distance between one and the other. To wear a good spout it is advisable to use a good bra that enhances and enhances this area, for example a Bra.

pendulum tits

Pendulum tits
They are long and pendular tits, narrow and hanging down.

tear tear

Tear tits
This type of tits are slightly rounder at the bottom and less bulky at the top, like a tear or drop of water, hence the name.

cone tits

Cone tits
They are the tits with cone shape, small and hanging. I once saw a movie, whose name I do not remember, in which they said that the perfect tit was the one that fit in a champagne glass, those triangular cocktail-type glasses. Come, everyone to check whether or not the tit in the cup.

The tits of women have a lot of power

As the series said, "Without tits there is no paradise." It is true that without boobs many men would not enjoy so much sex, or Cuban (in case you did not know, it is a sexual practice in which the woman masturbates the man placing the penis of this between her breasts). For example, my father when he connects to pages for adults on the Internet always selects the category of huge boobs videos, he likes to see compilations of the Reverse Cowgirl posture. For those who do not know, is the position where the girl rides on top of the man, it is very exciting because you can see how her tits bounce while she is fucking. Personally, I really like that they caress me and hold my breasts while we have sex.

Curiosities about tits

uosidedown bikini

A study by Dr. Katren Weatherby in Germany claimed that looking at a girl's breasts for ten minutes a day prolonged the lives of men. According to Weatherby, it would be equivalent to 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. What do you prefer, look at a good cleavage or go to the gym?

The tits of women are often on everyone's lips, and I do not say it literally. Each year there are videos and trends related to the breasts that drive us crazy. For example, last winter the reindeer tit marked the Christmas season, the fashion was to cut a piece of the sweater, poke a tit and decorate it as the face of Reno Rudolf, even had a hashtag #ReinderBoob. In Japan it became fashionable to make a heart shape with your hands and tits, and this summer the trend was to put the bikini on backwards, the #upsidedownbikini, even tutorials were made on YouTube and Instagram. And I could not finish this section without mentioning the sweetest trend, covering my breasts with pineapples.

Since I love you a lot, I give you 5 years of life (as the study says ...).

A mi me gustan gordas y duras (difícil de encontrar)
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